It’s October, the 10th month. It’s also World Mental Health Day, on the 10th.

We’ve put together a resource to help you with your mental health.

Introducing Celutions 10 x 10! 10 topics, 10 points, 100 things about mental health.

You’ll find the following inside:

  • 10 Signs and symptoms of deteriorating Mental Health.
  • 10 Tips for starting a conversation about Mental Health.
  • 10 Things to do when you feel sad.
  • 10 Things to let go of right now.
  • 10 Things to do when you feel anxious.
  • 10 Ways to prevent burnout.
  • 10 Questions to help you challenge your Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTs).
  • 10 Simple self-care activities.
  • 10 Positive affirmations to say to yourself.
  • 10 Ways to ground yourself when your emotions feel intense.

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