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Celutions is a social enterprise that is dedicated to creating solutions to the problems surrounding mental health...


Hey, I’m Celine. At this point you’ve just realised why Celutions is spelt like this. Omg. You’re mind blown! It’s okay, no need to overreact, theres’ a lot more brains over here.

Thank you for taking the time out to visit our website. It’s amazing knowing that you being here could be the start of a self-care journey. Taking care of your mind doesn’t have to be hard – really it shouldn’t be. We’ve all got mental health and the thing is, mental health issues do not discriminate. It could be you, or someone you care about.

Feel free to check out the services/products we offer.

New to this “mental health thing”? – No worries, there’s something for everyone.

Love and light,

Celutions Founder


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Become better informed about Mental Health

We provide information on varying mental health disorders.


If you think you may act on suicidal feelings, or if you have seriously harmed yourself – go to any hospital A&E department and ask for help.
If you need to, you can call 999 for an ambulance.
If you are feeling extremely distressed, or are experiencing suicidal feelings, you can call the Samaritans on 116 123 – they are available 24/7 to listen.
If you need medical help or advice fast, but it isn’t an emergency, you can call NHS 111 or contact your GP to make an appointment as soon as possible.


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